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Our First Lady, Odessa Calloway, is a sincere woman of God who has made many sacrifices for the ministry.  In fact, one of her most admirable qualities is that she is sensitive to the needs of the congregation.  Lady Calloway truly has the church at heart and is a willing worker.  If she sees anything that needs to be done, she’s on the task.  

Like our Pastor, our First Lady has a concern for winning souls to Christ. She reiterates to us the importance of witnessing outside the church walls and mentoring within the church.  She demonstrates such mentoring with the women and young ladies in our congregation. 

This presents yet another attribute that we admire about our First Lady.  She leads by example.  She encourages us to work faithfully in the ministry and put everything we have into worshiping and praising God by her actions. 

When Lady Calloway is in the building we know it!  We can hear her singing the songs of praise; we can see her hands lifted in worship; and we can hear her testifying about the goodness of God!  

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